Augmented Reality without app development


> Highend AR presentation of your 3D model on a high quality tracker


> low cost and quick AR implementation:

   Customer content available within just a few weeks via the PREALITY app


> Model scaling freely selectable, even in original size


> Switch option:

    Show/hide cuts, light on/off, change of material


> Screenshot function


> Your logo will appear in the app layout (depending on the license)


> PREALITY app is available in all app stores:

   iOS / Android


> Customer content also available in encrypted form despite the public app





Suitable for prototypes / trade fair events / single models


> neutral PREALITY app layout

> Display of up to 3 AR models at the same time (via skip function)

> Preparation of tracker graphics for print / digital media:

   neutral graphic with your logo

> Optional: Print and send the trackers through PREALITY

> Upgrade option: Your logo in app layout*


14 days =  890,-€


1 month = 1.190,-€


6 months = 1.490,-€


1. year = 2390,-€ / each following year only = 1290,-€




+ Upgrade option:

*Customer logo in the app layout = 500,-€ per license term




Suitable for 3D product catalogs/ distribution/ multiple models


> App Layout with your customer logo

> Presentation of up to 50 AR models at the same time (via skip function)

> Individual customer tracker graphic design for your print / digital media:

       > Concept/advice for your AR requirement and media embedding

       > Tracker design according to customer requirements (incl. techn. optimization)

> Link to customer website or similar URL

> Optional: Print and send the trackers through PREALITY


up to 10 models:         1. year = 3.490,-€ / per following year = 1.890,-€


up to 25 models:         1. year = 3.890,-€ / per following year = 2.190,-€


up to 50 models:         1. year = 4.390,-€ / per following year = 2.490,-€




3D-model embedding (for PREALITY® BASIC & PREMIUM)


Model embedding in AR-APP (Customer 3D data available as basis!)


> Categories of Complexity (3D geometries & surfaces):

                                                          K1 = Easy

                                                          K2 = Standard

                                                          K3 = Complex

                                                          K4 = Highly complex

> Quantity discounts from approx. 20 models


>> Without 3D data: CAD structure through PREALITY (additional offer)<<


Embedding AR model (K1 category "Easy"):                           =  from 250,-€


Note:    exact calculation will follow only after examing the customer 3D data!


Please contact us for non-binding price inquiries or low-cost AR tests of your models!


AR-Leasing for Boos & Schulz Designagentur for IMM 2017

Original view from the app


AR-Leasing for OCARI Avantgarde Lighting

Original view from the app